This week I finished two job fairs as the team lead. I have two more next week! At the 100 Mile House, I found one of the most notable job fair stories of the entire tour. Dustin is a job seeker that drove one hour from Williams Lake to the 100 Mile House to attend our job fair on Thursday. He had applied to Tolko two months ago and has been following up periodically, but has not gotten the response he wanted. He said he spoke to many representatives on the phone, but none were able to give him a status on his application. At the job fair, he saw that Tolko was there and followed up on his application. The human resources representative recalled seeing his application and said that Dustin’s persistence and his interest for the job was the reason that they immediately scheduled him an interview for next week. Dustin said that he thinks job fairs are a great idea because it allows job seekers to have that face-to-face interaction with someone from the company, instead of having to research information for hours online or speaking to numerous representatives on the phone before getting an answer. He said that he is in great support for the job fairs and thinks that it is definitely something that should be continued.

At the job fair, I had my first TV interview with Shaw TV Williams Lake. With radio interviews, I had to be cautious about the speed I am talking at, the clarity of my voice, and avoiding “like” and “umm.” With TV interviews, I had to be aware of those PLUS I had to worry about my visual presentation. I felt extremely nervous and I hope to get more exposure to the TV to practice these skills. Another responsibility I have taken initiative for is media monitoring. I am frequently the one that is interviewed by the media, so it made sense if I was the one to gather the media interviews. This involved visiting the media outlet’s website and searching for the information there, as well as contacting the reporter to send over a copy if it is not available on the website. Pace Group does not intend on reproducing these materials, but rather is keeping it for their file to show our client.    

After being away for almost a month now, the team was happy to have found comforting food at the Red Rock Grill. The restaurant had friendly staff that made great suggestions to delicious meals and dessert. We all agreed that the warm ambiance and the preparation of the food made our experience there the closest we had ever felt to home and home-cooked meals. Below is a photo of a sectioned off part of the restaurant, that reminds me of a classic dining room. We came back to the restaurant twice in the time we were at the 100 Mile House, so we have claimed this as “our spot.”  


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