Last week I had called the Peak Communicators office, asking if anyone was interested in meeting with me so I can learn more about the industry. The receptionist was very friendly and did not hesitate to transfer me to someone else in the office. I briefly spoke to Charlotte Sherry the Account Director, and although she said she would be quite busy in the next few weeks, she grabbed my contact information and said she would find someone else to meet with me. Later on in the day, I was contacted by Vice President Clare Hamilton-Eddy to arrange a meeting. I spent all of last week looking forward to this meeting because I had good vibes about the company that was very helpful and friendly.

From my first encounter, I can confirm that the Peak does focus on its clients to provide the best service possible. It is evident why the Peak is considered the largest Vancouver-based public relations agency and ranked 4th in Business in Vancouver’s list of top public relation firms. They respond to clients needs quickly, and with honesty and integrity. What makes this agency different from the others is that the company allows its employees to be well rounded and knowledgeable about all aspects of public relations. Instead of hosting departmental meetings, the employees share knowledge with each other on a regular basis. Clare says that it is one of the benefits of being a local company. The Peak partners have strong media experience, and the team has international public relations experience. Some of their clients include 7-Eleven, Coast Capital, Pacific Blue Cross, Science World, Simon Fraser University, Sprott Shaw, TELUS, and the Vancouver Giants. 

Clare has had news, radio, magazine and PR experience in the UK, but she said she decided to continue with public relations when she moved to Vancouver because the industry requires a wide range of skills, instead of just specializing in one. It is the same reason I am interested in the industry. She gave me the names of a few organizations that host networking events or need volunteers. She also gave me a very detailed outline of the skills and qualifications they look for in their applicants. Clare was so friendly and an absolute delight to speak to. She even encouraged me to keep in touch with her and to never hesitate to contact her if I had any more questions. I was truly honoured by the fact that the Vice President made time to meet with me, even though she did have meetings almost every hour that day. 



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Stephanie Munez