This is the last week of our tour before we head home on Saturday! I had another TV interview on Tuesday with CFTK TV of Astral Media. I feel like I improved from the last one because I gained more confidence. We’ve had more memorable team stories this week. Firstly, we went up to Hudson Bay Mountain after our fair setup. Richard and Adam bought crazy carpets from Canadian Tire for $3 and slid down the mountain on them. I got one last time to snowboard before the trip is over and Shivani enjoyed going down the mountain on a sled. The mountain had large dumps of snow and it wasn’t as busy as the resorts that I had been used to. The following day, the team went out for dinner. A man sitting next to us had overheard our conversations and mistook Adam as my dad. It was a hilarious moment, but it sure does explain why we are so alike!

On our drive to Prince Rupert, we passed by Hazelton, which is the furthest North we will go for the entire trip. We only passed by, but I was happy to see the place because one of my floor mates from last year is from there. Prince Rupert is the furthest Northwest we will go and the final stop in our tour before we head back to the Lower Mainland. I can’t wait to come home!


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Stephanie Munez