Throughout the duration of the tour, the team has been taking turns being a team lead. This week and next week is my turn. On top of setting up and taking down the fair, and assisting job seekers during the fair, the team lead has more responsibilities. I am to keep track of time sheets and expense reports, but most importantly, I am responsible for communicating with the Government Communications and Public Engagement, who manages social media accounts and promotional material to advertise the job fairs. Before each fair, I send the representative, Hidé, a photo of the Sprinter van in the new city. This will be used on our social media accounts to advertise the job fairs. I am also supposed to take photos during the job fair and send those to him. Throughout the day, I speak to Hidé via e-mail or the company Blackberry to send him updates about the fair. I relay any news from him to the rest of the team to keep them informed and up to date.

At the end of the day, the team lead is responsible for using all the comments and questions from the fair to write a Community Report. This summarizes the event, takes note of the good news, and requires us to think of ways to improve future job fairs. We also recorded the number of attendees, any special guests, and the amount of collateral or swag that was given out that day. I love writing, so I enjoyed doing these Community Reports. My co-workers and the coordinator for the week (Jocelyn) pointed out that although this report requires professional writing, I have managed to do that but have added a creative spin to it. Thirteen community reports were written before me, and my goal was to make mine unique and find things that have not been said before. I’m glad that the team noticed that about my work.  

We are currently in Barriere, about an hour away from Kamloops. This is the first town where we did not have cellphone service. Half of the team is on the Fido/Rogers network, and their services do not extend to Barriere. Richard and Jocelyn were on the Bell and Telus network and their phones worked perfectly. This was one of the things that the team struggled with because it hindered our ability to communicate with each other and it prevented me from having a conference call with Hidé. Luckily, we all had smart phones and our laptops on us, so we were able to communicate via iMessage and WhatsAp. 


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