This week was again as eventful as the previous weeks. Our Vernon fair was another one of our busy ones. Job seekers began to line up outside the doors at around 10am and were eagerly waiting with their resumes. Our exhibitors had crowds of people wanting to hear what they had to say. Devon Energy had attendees lined up in an orderly fashion because each wanted to speak to a representative personally.
Job seekers are lined up with resumes in their hands at the Vernon job fair
In terms of free time, it was Richard’s birthday on Monday. I suggested going to the Last Drop in Revelstoke because that was where my snowboarding instructor had taken me. We were surprised to see that the bar offered one free chicken wing to a birthday celebrant for every year that he or she has been alive for. Richard turned 41, so we were happy to have gotten some wings that he kindly shared with us. A funny story about the wings was that we had asked for a few of each flavor of wings, but the chef misinterpreted this and decided to mix all the flavours in one sauce and then put them on all of the wings. It tasted interesting, but free wings is delicious no matter what. 

I also got to see Silverstar and Sunpeaks resort this week. They both had cute villages, but I would have to say that Sunpeaks is by far my favourite resort. I had a very productive snowboarding day because I got better with my turns, consistently got off the chair lifts properly, and even learned how to use the platter lifts. I guess I enjoyed Sun Peaks because it was a productive day, with falling again kept to a minimal. The village has many stores and restaurants that kept me occupied in the times that I was exhausted from snowboarding. 
This weekend marks the halfway point of our trip. I admit, I enjoyed the scenic drives, seeing different cities, and snowboarding at some of the best resorts in the province. However, I am now starting to get a little homesick. Travelling is great, but I have never taken a vacation for longer than three weeks, so at this point I am feeling like I want to go home. I am lucky to have such great friends and family who I have been in contact with on a regular basis. I spent the weekend Skyping, Facebook messaging, and talking to them.


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