There is always so much pressure put on a new year because it means leaving your bad habits and experiences behind and working on becoming a better person. Some make new years resolutions to go to the gym more often, eat healthier, and a common one for students, to stop procrastinating. In the past I have tried making a new years resolution, but most people can agree that these new goals and good habits will last a month at most, then we revert back to our old self. The fact is you can’t force yourself to change. It is something that will happen naturally, over time and because of experiences.  

I’m taking a semester off school and instead doing a co-op term
This year, I decided not to make a big deal of the new year and I guess this worked out for me. This week was the first week of school, a time when classes are only an hour long because it is the introductory class for the course. For most people, this is a great transition after relaxing during the Winter break. For me, the week went differently. On the first day of school and after my very first class of the year, I received a phone call from one of my co-op coordinators saying that Pace Group Communications Inc. has invited me for an interview the following day. I was thrilled by the news and was caught off guard because I wasn’t expecting to get a job this semester. The next day was a Tuesday, and it was hectic because I went for the interview in between two of my classes. I felt nervous because this was my first time applying for a communication-related job and wasn’t sure how the interview went. The day after my interview, I received a call a few minutes after I had woken up. It was good news. Within the first three days of school, I found out that I would be doing my first work term!

I was hired by Pace Group to be a BC Jobs Plan Tour Staff and host job fairs across 23 different communities in the province. This is a great opportunity because travelling around British Columbia is something that I hardly consider when planning a vacation. Travelling my own province is like travelling my own city; I know that I can do it any time because it is in my back yard. I am excited to get a chance to see why BC is called the “Best Place on Earth.” Working at a job fair is also a great learning experience because it will help me develop the right skills and use the right resources for my future job searches. This job seems like it will be a great fit for me because I can use my customer service and interpersonal communication skills to help job seekers at the fair, but I can also learn more about the public relations industry by networking with Jordan Humphries and Kristina Wenner, who were the ones that hired me for this position.

Writing is a great exercise that helps me reflect on situations. No, my blog is not part of my new years resolution. I have created this blog to document my experiences on my first co-op work term. This will be something I can look back on after my work term and realize what I have learned and what skills I have developed over a few month’s time.

Another change in my life: I’m moving out of residence
I am a bit overwhelmed by this eventful week because it means there will be some changes in my life. I recently moved back on residence after spending the winter holidays with my family, but my next step is packing up and moving out again. I live on residence because of the strong sense of community that exists within a large commuter campus. I figured that moving out is the best option since my job does involve traveling for six weeks. Home is only an hour away from the Pace Group office, and it would save me the cost of paying rent for a room that I will not be sleeping in for the remainder of the semester. As you can see, this new year has changed my life. I will be starting a new job, moving out of residence, and travelling for two months without my friends or family. I am excited. 2013 is looking pretty good for me! Despite not setting any new years resolutions, I guess I did get a fresh start in this new year.   



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