My first day at work was an absolute blast. We started the morning at the Pace Group office with introductions. I met my three teammates that I will be working and travelling with for the next few months. Richard has a strong background in truck driving and automotive repairs, which is an asset because a majority of our tour will involve driving a Sprinter van or 3-tonne truck. If we ever run into any problems with the vehicles, he has shown confidence in being able to handle these types of situations. Adam has had a great deal of experience in events, and puts together concerts like Tall Tree and Rifflandia. His knowledge on events and production will be helpful when we setup the exhibit displays for the job fair. Theo is also a Communication co-op student at Simon Fraser University. I actually had a class with her last semester and recognized her because we were even in the same tutorial. Her work experience demonstrates that she has developed great customer service skills and will be a friendly representative at the fairs. I think that Pace Group did a great job selecting the team because we all have our different skills to contribute.

One of the requirements for the job is a class 5 license. I unfortunately did not have mine at the time I got hired, so I spent the remainder of last week and beginning of this week taking driving lessons. Some people normally wait two or three months to find the next available road test, but I was fortunate to find an early exam date on such short notice. Yesterday, I actually had my driving test and finally got my class 5 license. We need this in order to drive the 3-tonne truck that will be carrying our exhibit displays. The next step is learning how to operate a large vehicle. In the afternoon, we drove out to Coquitlam for our 3-tonne truck driving lessons at Valley Driving School. Yep, things have been moving pretty fast these couple of days and I’ve been super busy!

Today’s driving experience was quite interesting because I had just gotten into the good habit of constantly doing my shoulder checks, but am now realizing it is not important for driving trucks. In the times that I did do a shoulder check, I caught a glimpse of the box attached to the truck. I have to develop a new habit of checking my side mirrors instead. Despite this learning curve, I enjoyed learning how to drive a truck because ever since I was eight years old, my dream car has always been a Hummer. I liked the fact that with big cars, you get a better view of the road and driving it makes you feel like you’re unstoppable. A car can crash into your truck, but you would not be harmed at all. Driving the 3-tonne truck was the highlight of my day!


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Stephanie Munez