The morning was again spent at the office to get trained by the event coordinators, Kristina, Jocelyn, Devon, and Shivani. One of these coordinators will accompany us at each job fair. Today’s training allowed me to learn more about each one of them. For instance, Kristina graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in English and decided to continue her studies by earning a certificate in public relations. Almost immediately she got a job at Pace Group and absolutely loved it. Jocelyn recently graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia and landed a job at Pace Group shortly after. Like me, she is also a Canucks fan. Shivani completed a psychology degree at the University of British Columbia, but developed an interest in public relations after gaining marketing experience at one of her jobs. I enjoyed hearing about their stories because I learned how each of them got into the public relations industry.

In the afternoon, we drove out to the Exhibitree office in Delta for exhibit set-up training. We learned how to set up the pipe and drapes to section each booth off. We also learned how to assemble four iPad media display stands, one interactive TV display stand, one mall display, one trades show display, and one counter. It almost felt like assembling Ikea furniture without the instruction manual. It was a lot of information to absorb, but I’m sure that after doing the same set-up 23 times, I will eventually be an expert on the assembly of these display items. We also practiced loading all the cases onto the truck. That part was like Tetris because there were so many cases that needed to be packed on. We also got to see the Sprinter van that has been branded with the BC Jobs Plan design. It is larger than a normal van, and is about ten feet tall and twelve to fourteen feet long. I have only ever driven a car, so I am excited to not only gain public relation skills, but also learn how to drive large vans and trucks.
We learned everything we needed to know to set the fair up like this


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