My uniform
This morning we received media training. Despite having quite an eventful first week, learning how to drive a 3-tonne truck and setting up an exhibit, I enjoyed media training the most. In my classes, I learn about communication issues and topics, and have practiced my writing skills on a periodic basis. However, we hardly get practical training on speaking effectively to the media, writing news releases, and developing great public speaking skills. Today, I was introduced to those things. I learned that it is important to choose a few key messages when speaking to the media, I was exposed to news releases, and I was given a list of things to be aware of while speaking (fiddling, saying “umm”, and eye contact). It was a brief training, but it made me consider enrolling in a public relations program after I finish my undergraduate degree. We had finished our training, and ended the day by receiving our uniforms. Next week we are expected to be prepared and knowledgeable of the job fair resources because our first fair will be on Tuesday.



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Stephanie Munez